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Each district has two seats available, each for a three-year term, unless otherwise noted.


BIG RIVER (serves 125 square miles in areas north of Hillsboro)

Joshua Williams  (term exp. April 2023)

Janet Taylor  (term exp. April 2023)

Richard LaBarge

Jacquelyn Waller

James Terry  (term exp. April 2025)

Samuel Richards  (term exp. April 2025)


JOACHIM-PLATTIN (serves 180 square miles in southeast Jefferson County)

Sam Richards  (term exp. April 2025)

Darryl Reed  (term exp. April 2025)


MERAMEC (serves northeastern Franklin and small sections of northwest Jefferson and St. Louis counties)

Subdistrict 1 - Shelby Cox

Subdistrict 2 - Thomas Fitts

Subdistrict 3 - Katherine Hodge

Subdistrict 4 - VACANT

Subdistrict 5 - Joseph Kapustka

Subdistrict 6 - Rhonda Eversmeyer


NORTH JEFFERSON (serves 32 square miles in northwest Jefferson County)

Carla Hloben (term exp. April 2023)

Diana Davis (term exp. April 2025)

Kathy Hennessey (term exp. April 2024)

Rebecca Cowley (term exp. April 2025)

Ken Kays (term exp. April 2023)

Kurt Weffelmeyer (term exp. April 2024)


ROCK TOWNSHIP (serves 108 square miles in northeast Jefferson County)

Lynne Ruzicka (term exp. April 2025)

Mark Paul (term exp. April 2024)

Andrew West  (term exp. April 2025)

Jeremy Day (term exp. April 2023)

Lindsay Sleet (term exp. April 2023)

Tara Mueller (term exp. April 2024)


VALLE (serves 250 square miles in southwest Jefferson County)

Becky Lowry (term exp. April 2024)

Tammie Scullin (term exp. April 2023)

Carey Manning (term exp. April 2025)

Larry Cain (term exp. April 2024)

Patrick Bingman (term exp. April 2023)

Steve Bergner (term exp. April 2025)


Each district has one or two seats available, each for a six-year term, unless otherwise noted.



Greg Dohack  (term exp. April 2025)

John Svoboda (term exp. April 2028)

CEDAR HILL (serves 82 square miles in areas Cedar Hill, Byrnesville, Grubville, Morse Mill, Dittmer and

Oermann in Jefferson County)

Clifford King (term exp. April 2028)

DE SOTO RURAL (serves about 260 square miles in south and southwest Jefferson County)

Two six-year terms

Joe Valle (I)

Larry Bast (appointed to seat)

Nathan M. Myers  (term exp. April 2022)

One four-year term

Jaclyn Brown (appointed to seat)


Danny Williams (term exp. April 2025)


EUREKA (serves 82 square miles in northern Jefferson County and southwest St. Louis County)

Six-year term

Chairperson - Dr. Patrick Feder - 2003

Secretary - Charles E. Kuhn, Jr. - 2002

Treasurer - Charlie Brown - 2019


HEMATITE (serves 48 square miles in rural Festus and Hematite)

Larry Gebhardt

Jerry Hummell

Raymond Ems


HIGH RIDGE (serves 92 square miles in northern Jefferson County, including Murphy, High Ridge, House Springs, Byrnes Mill, Scotsdale and Parkdale)

Carol Greife (I)


HILLSBORO (serves 42 square miles in the city of Hillsboro and surrounding areas)

Director, Board President - Gary Boyer (I)

Director, Board Secretary - Marcy D. Wokurka

Director, Board Treasurer - Matthew E. Woods

MAPAVILLE (serves 22 square miles including parts of the Pevely, Festus and Hillsboro areas)

President - Marvin Boehme

Secretary-Treasurer - Annette Acre

Member - Sherri Hensley

Member - Ron Beckett

Member - Patsy Francis


PACIFIC (serves 76 square miles in the city of Pacific, the towns of Catawissa and Robertsville and other unincorporated parts of Franklin, Jefferson and St. Louis counties)

Chairperson - John Davis

Chris Wymer

Stephen Woodruff


ROCK COMMUNITY (serves 38 square miles in northeast Jefferson County)

Dan Meyer - (term exp. April 2025)

SALINE VALLEY (serves 19 square miles in north central Jefferson County)

Allen Lanzarini

Larry Dean

Ron Miller

Chris Holder

Alan Leaderbrand

SubDistrict 1

John Scullin (elected 2020)

Paul Mayer (elected 2020)

David Kennedy (elected 2020)

Jamie Guinn (term exp. April 2026)

John Whitehead (term exp. April 2026)

SubDistrict 2

Andy Sides (term exp. April 2026)

Brian Taylor (term exp. April 2026)



Four-year term

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